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Although no advanced mountaineering experience is required, you should be familiar with the basic use of crampons and ice axes before the trip. Porters carry all food and group equipment as tents, ropes, cooking equipment and etc. Personal kit must be carried including your sleeping bag and mat. A limited number of porters can be hired at an extra charge to carry personal equipment where necessary. You need to be fit for the long treks, and be very familiar with mountain walking, and possess a fair degree of stamina. The treks involve river, moraine, glacier and snow crossings.

This is a tough trip. Elbrus may be attempted by any strong mountain walker who is familiar with the use of an ice axe and crampons. Nevertheless it is important to remember that it is a mountain of almost Himalayan proportions and good acclimatization is essential. In bad weather conditions may become Arctic. You should carefully think over the clothes and respect the recommendations. The first part involves vehicle-supported trekking, camping in alpine meadows crossing high passes and an acclimatisation walk up by the Northern slopes of Elbrus. Some of the days are very demanding physically. Some of the walking is on good paths but we trek over several passes, on steep, rugged ground, on glaciers and glacial deposits. We recommend some long walks before your trip and that your boots are well worn-in. The first half of the trip is carefully designed to ensure that all group members have the chance to become familiar and at ease with the use crampons and ice axe and that they have experienced a tough, long uphill day. As a result, our ascent success rate is very good. The final few days are devoted to the ascent of Elbrus.

It must be remembered that Elbrus is an extremely serious mountain in spite of it’s technical ease. The guides’ decision to turn back should be respected at all times.