Elbrus expeditions. Trekking and ski-touring in the Mount Elbrus area. Caucasus Mountains, Russia. Mt Elbrus climb. gb@geographicbureau.com phone: +7 812 2305794 fax: +7 812 2304576 Postal address: 197110, P.O.Box 162, St Petersburg, Russia

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Elbrus Elbrus Elbrus Elbrus

Grade and qualification

This trek is graded B/C but should be within the capabilities of any normal healthy and fit person used to hill walking. The route is not difficult but will sometimes require the expenditure of a fair amount of energy. Although we cross some high mountain passes most of the walking is on good paths. Crossing the Kaznok Pass we encounter a short steep snow slope where, for about 100m, a ski stick or similar would be useful. Mules will carry the main luggage allowing you to walk with only a day pack. The average day involves some 4 to 5 hours walking.