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Grade and Qualification

There are no technical difficulties involved in this programme. If it were not for altitude and physical requirements it would be technically easier than an ascent of Mt Elbrus or Mont Blanc however you need to be fit and used to general mountaineering. The ascent of Peak Lenin is Himalayan-style while the Elbrus is Alpine. On Peak Lenin acclimatisation trips are used for taking up supplies for the main ascent. Normally there is no ice at all, walking is on firm snow or soft, deep snow. The equipment mentioned later is required for simple security when crossing crevasses or for crevasse rescue.

Although technically straightforward neither the ascent nor the mountain should be underestimated since both are Himalayan in character. The ascent is long over steep snow. Efficient use of ice axe and crampons is essential as is experience in winter walking in snow condition similar to those encountered on a Scottish grade II ice climb or an ascent of Mt Elbrus, Mont Blanc or another similar Alpine mountain.

Our expedition team leaders and porters will carry the communal equipment, group members will have to carry all their own personal equipment. Extra porters to carry your personal equipment, if needed, can be hired locally.