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Many hotels are poorly managed, run-down and offer poor services. But during last few years there were built some small new hotels in the area, which offer better service. Alpine camps offer similar services but accommodation is in huts or tents with communal washing and toilet facilities. For private individuals it is not easy to contact the area from the outside and accommodation is best found on arrival in the valley. Prices are negotiable, alpine camps offer rooms for several dollars a night, hotels are more expensive.
The following are recommended: Nakra, Chiran, Povorot, Cheget and Wolfram hotels (in Terskol area); Alpine Base Jantugan in Adylsu. In Adyrsu: hotel New Jailik, Alpine Camp Ullutau. Elbrus slopes: Garabashi Huts, Diesel Hut. Price is $11-13 per night, often full in July and August.