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The Elbrus Region is a border zone between Russia and Georgia and foreigners require a permit to be in any area south of the Baksan. This is obtained at the military head office of the border rangers in Nalchik. Pogranotryad in Nalchik issues permits at Kabardinskaya street 192. Passes are issued between 9.00 and 13.00. You should have the following documents:
- an official letter of application on a headed form of organization with an official seal; 
- passports of all participants; 
- it is helpful to have a route sheet.
It is also possible to arrange permits through a Russian travel company.

Prielbrusie National Park permit. At the moment there is one kind of National Park permit  what in fact is Mt Elbrus climbing permit  (about 25 Euro per person). The National Park office is located in the Elbrus town. The National Park rangers check the permit at Azau and Krugozor ski lift station. You can meet them on Mount Elbrus slopes as well - usually up to 3800m. If you have not obtained the permit in advanced you can buy it from the rangers. 

Foreigners have to register Visa and Passport at the local police department. At the moment it is possible to get the registration at the post office in Terskol town. The fee is 240rub (about 6 Euro) per person plus 2 ruble for each day you stay in the area.