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Elbrus Elbrus


Russian part of the Caucasus is mostly famous for Mount Elbrus - 5462m which attracts thousands of tourists who tend to reach the top of Europe.

The Caucasus stretches for about 1000 kilometers from the Black Sea to the Caspian, separating Europe from Asia. North of the main Caucasus ridge lays a land of mountain ridges running down to the Russian steppes. Each of these ridges is composed of many forested side valleys and snowy summits.
Mt. Elbrus - the highest summit in Europe - lies just few kilometers into Europe and into Russia, to the north of the main chain which contains many mountains over 5000 meters high. The Baskan Valley leads from the northern foothills to the chain. This is the most important and the best developed valley in the Caucasus region, both on account of the mineral deposits located near Tyrnyauz and because of Elbrus and dozens of magnificent mountains which are visited by a great number of tourists.
Our staff is permanently based in the Valley throughout the summer so you are always welcome to explore this beautiful and exiting region.