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Welcome to join Geographic Bureau climbs, treks and ski-tours. Being one of the first Russian private companies in the adventure travel business we have been conducting these trips for over 30 years - since 1989. We have probably the best success rate of Mt Elbrus ascents along with excellent safety records.
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Mount Kazbek Climb

Mount Kazbek Climb

One week trip to one of the highest and the most beautiful peaks of the Caucasus - Mount Kazbek, 5047m. It is an ancient, heavily glaciated volcano situated in the central part of the Main Caucasian Ridge

Elbrus Ski-Tour - 14 days

Elbrus Ski-Tour - 14 days

The Caucasus form a chain of snowy mountains separating Georgia from Russia to the north. Just north of the main chain lies the Europe’s highest summit - the twin-peaked Mt Elbrus.

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Study the Elbrus infrastructure right from your home on Google maps: hotels, ski lifts, base camps, mountain huts etc. 

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Mt Elbrus Facts & Figures

Elbrus has two summits. The West Summit is the highest: 5642m, the East Summit is just a bit lower: 5621m.


The local (Balkarian) name: 'Mingi-Tau' means: 'Resembling a thousand mountains'.

1st ascent

First ascent of the East Summit (5621m): 1829. First ascent of the West Summit (5642m): 1874. In 1967 the Soviet government organized a mass climbing and about 2500 people participated; although most of them had never seen a mountain up close before...

There is a cable car running: it starts at 2200m in Azau, the first stop is Stary Krugozor, 3000m; the second stop is Mir station, 3500m. From Mir a chairlift can take you up to 3750m.