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Elbrus Ski Descent

  • DEPARTURES: 04.06.2022
  • FROM-TO: Mineralnye Vody
  • DAYS: 8
  • Price in EURO: 910
Elbrus Ski Descent

The Caucasus forms a chain of high alpine snowy mountains separating Georgia from Russia. Just few kilometers north of the Main Caucasus chain lays Europe’s highest summit - the twin-peaked Mount Elbrus. The main chain itself contains many mountains over 5000m and tens of summits higher than Mont Blanc. In the valleys clear streams tumbling down from the mountain sides mix with the rushing melt waters from the glaciers at the head of the valleys, passing through dramatic scenery, alpine meadows and beautiful forests. The Baksan Valley is the most important and the best developed valley in the Caucasus. Almost at the end of the Valley, at the foot of Elbrus, lies Terskol - the Heart of the Caucasus. It boasts about half a dozen hotels and two ski lift systems. These facilities make it the best developed mountain sport center in the 1000km length of the Caucasus - a range that could swallow up the Alps!

The trip will start with a 3,5 hours bus journey takes us to the base hotel in Baksan Valley. We will twice get to the height of almost 5000m and spend few nights in Garabashi huts at 3800m to gain some acclimatization before going on to Elbrus. Garabashi Huts are situated on the south slopes of the mountain. This is the base from where we will attempt the west summit of Elbrus (5642m) - the highest summit in Russia and in Europe. The actual program depends on the group condition and availability of a Snow Cat which we use to help us up the lower slopes of the mountain.


An emergency medical kit accompanies the climb. Nevertheless we recommend you to carry your own personal first aid kit. A suggested list as well as more general health information is included in the pre-departure information. No special inoculations are required but we recommend to have tetanus inoculations up to date and that to consult personal doctor for other cover such as typhoid.

Visa is required. Full details of the procedures involved will be included in the pre-departure information.