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The nearest airports to the Mount Elbrus area are in Mineralnye Vody (200km to the Elbrus area) and Nalchik (about 120km). To reach these towns, one may take flights from Moscow, St Petersburg and some other Russian cities. Also there is train connection from the main Russian cities to Mineralnye Vody, Piatigorsk and Nalchik. Though Nalchik is closer to Mt Elbrus most of people travel via Mineralnye Vody as there is the biggest airport and rail way station in the region with several daily flights and good train connections.
From Mineralnye Vody it is about 3-4 hours driving to Terskol – the last town in the Baksan Valley at the foot of Mt Elbrus. There are no regular public buses from Mineralnye Vody to Terskol, so it is necessary to rent private transport with driver. It is better to order it in advance. Also private transport is available at the airport in front of the arrivals section. There is no certain place you can find private transport near the rail way station. If you plan to travel by train it is better to order transport picking up you at the railway station in advance. The local service links the airport to railway station.
From Nalchik it is about 2-2,5 hours driving to Terskol. There are two bus stations in Nalchik: intercity and local. From the local station there are minibuses to Terskol. The schedule is not strictly adhered to. Sometimes these buses depart when full. It is possible to rent a car or mini bus to Terskol at the intercity as well as local stations.