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Elbrus Northern Route

  • DEPARTURES: 02.07.2022, 06.08.2022
  • FROM-TO: Mineralnye Vody
  • DAYS: 9
  • Price in EURO: 965

Physical fitness and previous mountaineering experience are crucial if you choose the Northern route, because it will offer to participants the longer and harder walking days than on the Southern routes. Elbrus Nothern side way expects from the participants some experience of walking in crampons, using ice-axe and roping. This trip is not a climbing course though there will be our guide who will definitely instruct the participants mainly about safety precautions and will make sure that all of them can walk on the glacier by the right way. The participants will have some time for practicing self arrest either.

Elbrus ascent from the North compare to the Southern routes is a less adapted way (without any cable ways, snowcats and hotels). It is wild, more adventurous and can be more interesting by this particular reason. This way also have a certain infrastructure with tented base camp (2500m) and base camp with shelter(3760m). There are many nice places around for visiting during the acclimatisation (Stone Mushrooms, Jily-Su Mineral springs, Silver spring, two waterfalls, Natural Bridge).

North route looks more like an authentic mountaineering or a real expedition rather than a normal trip from the South.

If you feel you are not fit enough or have a poor previous experience we strongly recommend you to go for one of the routes from the South!

Day 1

Arrive in Mineralnye Vody. Transfer 30km to Piatigorsk, overnight in a hotel.

Day 2

Drive ca. 100 km to Khatkhansu Base Camp, 2500m , located in Jylysu Valley.

Day 3

Acclimatisation walk up to the North Hut, 3760m. Return to Khatkhansu Camp.

Day 4

Walk to the North Hut, 3760m, and stay there overnight.

Day 5

Acclimatization walk up by Elbrus slopes. Return to the North Hut.

Day 6

Ascent of Mt Elbrus West 5642m. Overnight in the North Hut

Day 7

Spare day in the case of bad weather. North Hut.

Day 8

Descent to the Khatkhansu Camp. Drive to Piatigorsk, 100km. Relax. Hotel.

Day 9

Transfer to Mineralnye Vody airport. Trip ends.