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Food and accommodation

From the very first day when you arrive in Piatigorsk and up to the end of the trip in Terskol all accommodation and all your meals (except Farewell dinner) are included in the trip cost. In Piatigorsk and Baksan Valley we use hotels of 3* level. Accommodation on trek is in double-skinned three-man tents, which are used for two people only.

Food on trek is prepared by our own cooks out of fresh foods supplemented by supplies. On some places we can use local food from shepherds (cheese, milk, and meat). We try to cater for vegetarians but we cannot provide the same standard as expected in the West. We suggest that vegetarians take their own protein supplement if this is likely to cause a problem. Whatever your diet we recommend that you bring with you a small selection of "goodies" - chocolates, nuts etc. which you are particularly fond of for the occasions when you need extra energy.