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Elbrus Elbrus Elbrus Elbrus

Detailed itinerary

The following itinerary is intended as a working guide only and it is subject to variation as a result of local conditions, weather and governmental restrictions. We reserve the right to alter (lengthen or shorten) the trip at any time if necessary. Airline schedules are subject to change, both international and domestic, and it may be necessary to vary our itinerary to adapt to these changes.

Day 1
Arrive in Mineralnye Vody. Drive to the Adyr-Su Valley. Overnight at Ullu-Tau Lodge (2350m).

Day 2
Ski-tour from the hotel towards Garvash Pass up to 3400m, 4 hours. Descent to the lodge.

Day 3

Ski-tour to the Chot-chat summit (3550m), 5-6 hours. Descent to the lodge. .

Day 4
Ski-tour to the Gumachi Pass (3582m), 5-6 hours. Descent to the lodge.

Day 5
Ski-tour to the Granovsky Pass (3870m), 6-7 hours. Descent to the lodge.

Day 6

Ski tour to Chotchat shoulder, 3400 or Chotchat peak, 3860m. Descent to Ullutau Camp. Drive by bus to Terskol town in the Baksan valley. Hotel in Terskol (2100m).

Day 7
Ski-tour to the Cheget Karabashi summit (3400m), 4 hours. Descent to the hotel.

Day 8
Drive to the Adyl-Su Valley and ski tour towards the East Jantugan Pass (3600m), 5-6 hrs. Descend to the Adyl-Su Valley and drive back to the hotel.

Day 9
Use the Elbrus lift system to reach the Garabashi Barrels hut, 3800 m. Acclimatization ski-tour to Priut 11, 405 m. Descent to Barrels hut. 

Day 10
Acclimatisation ski tour up to the Pastukhov Rocks at 4700m. Descend to the huts.

Day 11
Ascend Mt Elbrus. Overnight at the huts.

Day 12
Spare day to attempt Elbrus.

Day 13
Descent to Baksan valley. Accommodation at the hotel. 

Day 14
Drive to Mineralnye Vody airport. Departure.