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Garabashi (Barrel) Huts

Situated at 3800m. It is easily reached by using the cable car and chairlift system. From the upper ski lift station it is about 50-60m distance to the huts. The Barrel Huts are a group of 11 huts. Each hut has 6 beds with mattress and pillows, a small area for storing luggage. There is electric heater, light and electric socket (220V). It is warm enough inside the barrel, and beds are with mattresses. Sleeping bag is needed mostly for hygiene reasons. Toilet is outside and basic. There are neither shower nor tap water. Cooking and drinking water comes from a stream of melted snow during the summer, or from snow and ice the other time. There is a kitchen with gas stoves on liquid gas  and attached dining room in a separate shed. Using of the gas is included in the accommodation cost. There is water in summer (July-August) in the glacier stream near the huts. Rest of time – melting snow only. No food or water is provided at the huts. All the visitors have to cook their own food and take care about water.


Elbrus on map