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Elbrus Elbrus Elbrus Elbrus

Detailed itinerary

The following itinerary is intended as a working guide only and is a subject to variation as a result of local conditions, weather and governmental restrictions. We reserve the right to alter (lengthen or shorten) the trek at any time if necessary.

Day 1

Arrive in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. Most of the flights arrive early in the morning.

Drive to the start point of the trek – camp by the 6th Marguzor Lake in the Fann Mountains.

Day 2

The donkeys arrive in the morning to carry the luggage. After a gentle section we climb steeply, passing the village of Kiogli, to camp below the Tavasang Pass at about 3000m.

Day 3

After crossing the Tavasang Pass, 3300m, we descend to the Sarymat river for lunch. A gentle climb through sparse juniper woods leads to a magical meadow and campsite below the icy north face of Munora.
Day 4
Walk up to the Munora Pass, 3520m, and descend to the deep, craggy gorge of the Archa-Maidan river. The more energetic can take-in a side trip to visit Lake Pshtykul before dropping down to the campsite - this option makes for a long but rewarding day.
Day 5
We go down the Archa-Maidan valley to Zurmech Wood. Along the way we pass several small villages which appear to blend into the rocky mountainsides. At Zurmech we pass through semi-wild apple, cherry and apricot orchards to reach our camp by a crystal clear stream, 2000m.

Day 6

Walk up a colorful canyon to the Zurmech Pass, 3200m. Descend to the next campsite by the Chukurak lakes. The gnarled junipers combine with steep cliffs to make this a very scenic spot. The inviting lake waters are icy cold! Camp by the lake.

Day 7

Cross the Chukurak Pass to Kulikalon hollow with its numerous streams and lakes. Camp by Bibijona Lake with magnificent panorama of the steep glaciated north face of the Chimtarga, the highest summit of the Fann.

Day 8

We spend an extra night here; relaxing or doing a circular walk from the campsite.

Day 9

Hike up to the Alaudin Pass, 3800m, from where there are stunning views of the deep-blue Alaudin Lakes and the main peaks. Descend to a campsite by the lakes.

Day 10

A day tour up to the Mutnye ("Murky") Lakes which are surrounded by glaciers and summits amongst these being Energia, 5120m, Zamok, 5150m, Chimtarga, 5489m, the highest peak in the Fann. Although the lakes are located at the altitude of 3500m there are still alpine flowers to liven up the stark, high mountain setting. Camp by Alaudin Lakes.

Day 11

A short walk down the valley to our waiting transport. Drive down the Zeravshan river valley and on to Dushanbe. Hotel.

Day 12

Transfer to the airport for the return flight.