Elbrus expeditions. Trekking and ski-touring in the Mount Elbrus area. Caucasus Mountains, Russia. Mt Elbrus climb. gb@geographicbureau.com phone: +7 812 230-45-76 Postal address: 197110, P.O. Box 162, St Petersburg, Russia

Elbrus Elbrus Elbrus Elbrus

Anna Drozhzhina

Anna has been climbing and mountaineering in Russia, in the territory of former USSR and around the world since university time, and started to organize expeditions since 2009. Interests: rock-climbing, high altitude climbing, travel to remote destinations. She is working as a guide in climbing tours, ski-tour, trekking and cycling tours. She knows such regions as the Caucasus (Elbrus, Bezenghi, Arhyz), Altai mountains, Kamchatka, Tadjikystan (Pamir,Fany mountains) Kyrgistan (Tian Shan), Kazakhstan, China (Qionglai Mountains in Western Chin), Georgia (Svanetia), Patagonia (Argentina, Chile), Marocco (Atlas Mountains)