Elbrus expeditions. Trekking and ski-touring in the Mount Elbrus area. Caucasus Mountains, Russia. Mt Elbrus climb. gb@geographicbureau.com phone: +7 812 230-45-76 Postal address: 197110, P.O. Box 162, St Petersburg, Russia

Elbrus Elbrus Elbrus Elbrus

Food and Accommodation

In base camps at 3600 m and 420m food will be prepared by the camp team, professional cook.  Food at high altitudes, in order to be palatable, is a very important item and most people find dehydrated foods and warm-in-pouch foods, even of the best quality, rather unappetising. We will be using slightly heavier but more edible foods, some canned, for our main meals. Snacks will be supplemented with some items purchased in Kyrghyz bazaar.

In high-altitude Camp 2, 5300 m, and Camp 3, 6100 m, you will have to cook and boil water for yourself in your tent. The guide(s) will control the process and help. High altitude food, stoves and gas are provided.

All participants are recommended to make up their own personal goody-pack of snacks that they particularly enjoy. This should not weigh more than about 1kg.

Accommodation will be in the good hotels in towns. At base camps (3600m and 4200m) there will be a mess tent and group members will sleep in comfortable two-person double skin-tents. On the ascent high-quality high-altitude 2-man tents will be used.